F54 was founded in 1954.

In Soviet times, the factory under the number F54 produced high-quality alcoholic beverages. As before, and now F54 produces alcohol of your quality from which we obtain unique alcoholic beverages, such as:

Original ARAX vodka, ARAX Tarhunovaya Vodka, ARAX Mint Vodka, ARAX Honey Vodka, Fecamonk Honey Liqueur.
And a unique assortment is added from year to year!

F54 is constantly increasing its technological capabilities, acquiring the best equipment.
Every year, the plant undergoes modernization of production, increasing production capacity.
High-tech modern equipment is used for production. The plant is equipped with its own laboratory, which undergoes strict quality control at every stage of production.
Products are made from natural ingredients using artesian water.



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